Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 22- 3 New Struts

Em had a tough night with pain but today was great. Em and I went early to her appt to have 3 of her struts changed out for longer ones. We will need to change out the other 3 struts in a week or so. That will be the last of the strut changes. Emma was nervous as we had to go into the same room where she had her first pin cleaning. We met with Mark and he made her feel comfortable and did his thing. It took all of 5 minutes and not even a whimper out of Em. Thank you Mark!!!

Then it was off to PlayTime with Don. A great day as usual!!! It's simply amazing to watch Don's creative mind at work to make it fun for her and she truly enjoys herself while working so hard for him. She gives him more hugs in a session than I get all day! I've been through PT myself and know how much it hurts. It's worse than going to the dentist every day which is one reason why I can't stop praising this man. From the beginning, PT was what I dreaded the most about this trip for Emma. I figured it would be a battle each and every day and I'm so happy I was wrong! Thank you Don!

All the girls and the Riso's went to the pool in the afternoon and had a blast. Teagan decided to jump in to see how the bottom felt for a few seconds before Mom brought her up for air. She held her breath the whole time and not a tear when she came up. She's my little daredevil! Next week, Maddie and Teagan have a week worth of swim lessons in which we are guaranteed they will both be able to swim when the week is out. I don't have any worries with Teagan but my princess Maddie might be a little challenging as she not a big fan of the underwater world.

Thank you to the Riso's once again as dinner was prepared as usual! So nice to have one less thing to worry about every day... I'm dreading them leaving! Thank you to Grammie for getting the chores done around the house and once again for washing the floors!

On a side note, Em got so many packages in the beginning that we stock piled them and use them for distractions when she has tough moments. I apologize for not letting you know this in advance and will post accordingly as she opens them. Also, I'm not always there when she opens them and most likely don't give a very good description of what was sent or the appreciation that you deserve, so again I apologize! I say this as I was giving the wife some static when she came back with overloaded minivan from a trip to her favorite grocery store, along with a couple of bottles of Skinny Girl on the counter and some more toys I hadn't seen. She said they were all gifts for Em!!! So thank you again to the McClure's and I can now ween Em off her pain med with Skinny Girl!

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