Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 25-Relaxing

Sunday- 3/24/13

I'm starting to let you down, hence now leading with the date. The good thing is the days are starting to get a little more routine and we have SOMEWHAT of a schedule of who's doing what in place. Em's slowly coming off the pain meds and things seem to be going in the right direction. We still have the long nights with Em in pain but all in all that seems to be getting shorter and shorter.

Sunday was a relaxing day with the girls and Grammie hitting the pool at around 11:30 after opening some special deliveries (see below)! They hung out there until almost 4pm, having a lot of fun in the sun. Thanks to Derek and Danielle for entertaining.

The Burke's arrived around 3, which gave me some time to catch up with them on the important things, discussing sleepless nights, dealing with insurance companies, challenges of pin cleaning, bathes, swimming, massages, stretching, getting fitted for shoe lifts and such. Nothing more than invaluable real life knowledge in which we are so appreciative of and luck to have found such wonderful people willing to share their experiences. Derek and Danielle stayed and played some more and a good time had by all. The girls had a blast hanging out once again. Em is going to miss her new BFF when it's time for the Burke's to move on to their next phase of this process which is returning home to heal while continuing PT and going for X-Rays until it is time to return and have Grace's fixator removed (Maddie too!!!)

Special Deliveries: Matt & Teresa- Thank you for personalized beach towel, everyone loves them (including Mom and Dad)! Special thanks to Kerri and Chad for watching the house, handling the mail, all the special deliveries and everything else you've done for us!

Last picture is the clan at the race track.
Left to right
Front row: Jill, Meme, Emma, Teagan, Madison, Kim, Karoline, Grammie
Back row: Mom (hiding), Gary, Seany, Little John, Andrea, Little J's Girlfriend, George, Sean, Big John
Missing: Karlie, Lori, Mike, Carter and Braden (Although Em called Jill by Lori's name all day so you were with us La La)

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  1. So wish we could run right down there to see the girls, Amanda and you cous. Gunnar looks to read about Emma's progress each day. We will definitely make a trip over when you are back. We definitely do not see you all enough. Plus Gunnar is ready to share his latest poetry with Maddie. Hugs and kisses to all.