Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 29- Super Brace vs Aero Bed

Thursday 3/28/13

The kids came back alive from the pool so I'm going to say swim lessons went as well as they could today. One day left until graduation! Everyone in the house is looking forward to this as we can't listen to Maddie tell us all morning that she isn't going to swim lessons anymore.

Grammie went and picked up Meme and Karlie. Seany and Jill came down as well and we all have a nice dinner. Karlie is staying for a few days to entertain her cousins and Meme's headed home tomorrow to see Carter and Brady.

Meme started off sleeping with Em but she had a tough night so Dad took over and pushed Meme to the couch. After a number of nights of waking up the floor, I've determined Super Brace has won the battle of Aero Bed vs. Super Brace. It's been officially retired! Off to find the next victim tomorrow.

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