Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 30- Graduation Block Party

Grammie brought Meme to the airport and returned before anyone was awake. Safe travels Meme.

It's over... Swim lessons that is! They graduated!

We were then invited to a block party with all the neighbors. Let me introduce the great people that have welcomed us to their neighborhood and have been very grateful sharing their toys, kids to play with, local knowledge and now their grub!

First let me explain that Amanda and the kids have had a lot more interaction with these folks than I have at this point (unfortunately) as she plays with the kids in the street or at the pool during the days as I'm locked away trying to get some work done. So this is my knowledge of who's who and a take from an outsiders view. I'm probably totally off here and have kids with the wrong family's but my best guess for now. Also a few families that I'm spacing the names on but will add them in later.

Frank- son Jake.
George and Kim- daughters Hannah and Kinley.
Jimmy and Gina- daughter Lily and son Cooper.
Scott and Heather- daughter Ava and son Ethan
Carl and Janine- daughter Jenna and son Zack

Frank is the glue to the neighborhood. If someone mentions something that he thinks is a good idea he'll run with it, laying out the game plan and making it happen. He's a great guy who's always checking in and helping out. The girls adore Jake and love getting outside to play as soon as he's out of school.

Kim and Amanda have hit it off and Maddie wouldn't have it any other way as Hannah is the most common name in our house (Where's Hannah?, call Hannah, let's go to the pool with Hannah, can Hannah sleep over?, can Hannah have dinner here tonight)- so cute and the questions keep coming! So great They play great together and we are thankful Maddie has someone to play with.

Jim and G- Thanks for putting on the spread! Great food and I learned that Jimmy wants to go PRO on the BBQ circuit! I can say that he's well on his way! Lily and Cooper are sweet. Lily is a little mother hen. She was following Teagan around with a tube of Neosporin and rubbing it on her knees each time she wiped out. Cooper and Teagan are two pea's in a pod!

As you can see by the picture, I think I've left out a family or two.

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