Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 48- All Good

Tuesday- 4/16/13

Em is doing well. This is the first week that we have seen a real reduction in her pain medication. This had concerned me until our last doctors appt, when we were told some are more sensitive to the lengthening process and to give her the medication as needed. The days when 5 or all 6 struts are turned are when we have been seeing more discomfort which is understandable. We are anxiously awaiting our appt 7 week appt on Friday (crazy!), to see her latest bone growth and get the most recent measurements. I'm still doing pin cleaning at night but with a less is more approach. This along with the Epsom Salt baths every other night seem to be working out. We are starting to see the tear drop scars around her pin sites which is a good thing except for her leg modeling career. The skin rips around the pin and heals on the other side, as the pins are fixed into the bone which is the visual indicator of growth. We have had the stitches on one of her port hole (site where the surgeon went in with an instrument or scope) dissolve which has healed up nicely. Only 4 more of those sites to go! So all in all, everything seems to be on track.


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