Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 49- Happy Birthday Madison!

Wednesday 4/17/13

Maddie turned 5 today! She is so excited to have 3 parties! Today she had a little cupcake party at school, she'shaving a pool party with her neighborhood and school friends this weekend and then Mom promised her a party when we get home. I'm quite impressed with how much Madison has grown up on this trip. I think the biggest change I've seen, aside from her height, hair length and tan is that she has definitely lost some of her shyness.

We had a nice dinner with Troy, Liz and Chase, who is just adorable! The girls couldn't get enough of the little guy. After dinner Maddie wanted to ride the carousel, the train and make her own ice cream, so that's what we did. Yes- that's Troy in the train!

Dad got a new phone today which is what I'm going to blame the delay in posts on! As Maddie says, "It wasn't Teagan's fault, Dad broke it!".

Maddie said she had a perfect day! Happy Birthday Baby!

Special Deliveries:

McClure's- check out the dresses! The girls love them!!! They needed to put them on ASAP and then wanted to sleep in them. Side note- I was ok with them sleeping in their prom dress. Thank you!

Nana, Papa Pig and Jordan- Em won't leave home without her Ariel bag. Maddie is constantly telling Teagan to leave her super cool Candyland alone and Teagan has hidden her Little People so no one can touch them. The girls talk about each of you on a daily basis! Very thoughtful- thank you and give Jordan a kiss from us all!

Uncle Dave: The girls love their Mother Goose and their vintage Dr. Suess book. Very sweet!

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