Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 50- Baby John Goes Deep

Thursday- 4/18/13

Mom took a well deserved girls night with the neighborhood hens. I took Em and Maddie to go see "Baby" John play baseball and Grammie took the Tornado. I really would have taken Teagan but she was still down for her nap. Anyway, John flexed a little muscle tonight and hit a home run for his cousins. I didn't want to break his heart but they could of cared less and were actually a little upset with him for losing the ball! I was happy for ya buddy! Big John, Aunt Kim, Baby John, Kara and Karlie took us all out to dinner- thank you! Also, thanks to their big cousins for entertaining through the game and dinner! They had a blast and wanted to know when the next game is!

I'm looking forward to hearing a little more about the Hen night as the girls were a little quiet today.

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