Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 51- Hell Week Over

Friday 4/19/13

Emma had her week 7 doctors appt with Servando- you may know him as Amanda's boyfriend. I've attached a picture with him and Em below for you. I've posted a picture of Don and Em as well just to keep you thinking. Don gave us a great report from the PT side before our appt and Servando confirmed the same on his side. We are at 33mm of lengthening with great new bone growth! Well on our way to the 50mm we are hoping for! X-ray attached.

Troy, Liz and Chase came over for a swim and dinner this afternoon. The girls couldn't get enough of him once again! Of course, the news was on all day as we waited for the final scumbag to be caught.

Please never let your thoughts and prayers rest for those that were killed or injured in the Boston Marathon bombings. Those that survived will struggle the rest of their life, one way or another, to try to make things as normal as possible again. I heard one man who had minor wounds and his friends with life threatening injuries say something that struck me which was to the point of- "we are all normal blue collar people that make a living with our hands (roofers, carpenters, etc) and my friends in the hospital are more worried about how their families are going to survive at that end of the day with the medical bills and the inability to work, than they are with their own health at this point." My heart bleeds for all that were impacted by this horrific act and just pray that they all can find the support they need to pull through this and move forward with their lives.

On a side note, I'm left seeing a bit of a bright side. I usually disassociate myself from these situations as I can't stand the media and how these types of events are covered. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I gained a new found respect for the media, for the most part, in the way they handled this coverage. It maybe that I finally found the right channel to tune in to or that possibly the media have found their hearts after the school shooting in Newtown. Although this wasn't a story that needed to be sold, my feeling is that something has changed in the media world. I can only hope this is the case and also that I don't need to worry about it ever happening again to find out.

Lastly, it personally made me feel good seeing people help people. Whether it be civilians, medical personal, law enforcement or runners who just finished a marathon, they all took part in helping complete strangers as they struggled for their lives. I also take my hat off to all the agencies involved, as it seems from the outside looking in, that everyone came together to work as a team to complete what seemed like could have been an impossible mission of finding the responsible parties. I hope there is nothing more to this story as what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and they just made a hell of a lot of people stronger!

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