Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 59- Dad Fun Day!

Saturday 4/27/13

Craig and Leigh arrived! Craig and Chris took Dan, Uncle Mike and I out for some fishing! We had a great day on the water! Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to the next trip!

Grammie packed up the girls and we all went to Seanie's 50 lap race. He took home the 2nd place trophy! Great job buddy!

Lala took Maddie to spend the night with her and the cousins at Auntie Kim's! Craig, Leigh, Chris and his girl came over to see Em and T prior to us heading out to dinner. Grammie took the girls and I headed out with the group to meet up with Dore, Joey and Shane. It was nice to catch up with the guys and have a night out. Thank you Grammie and Lala!

Sorry for the lack of pics!

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