Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 61- Paley Appt!

Monday 4/29/13

We had our appt with Dr. Paley today and all is on schedule!!! We are at 42mm with good bone growth. Dr. Paley was happy with our progress but did make us aware that it is possible that a tweak to the turning schedule may be necessary which would extend our stay an extra week or two. He said this is normal and just wanted to prepare us. It wasn't anything that he saw today or anything he will be able to determine until our next appt on May 17th which is scheduled to be our last day of turning (lengthening). We got to hang with the Burke's as Grace had her appt today. Grace has gained her full 2 inches and her bones are healing perfectly (I'll add Kevin's update on Grace as a seperate post which will give you a clearer picture of what perfect is and hopefully what is in our near future!). The Burke's joined us for some lunch and play time before heading back home. That and the Green's leaving us was a sad ending to a perfect day.

Check out Carter applying some makeup to Madison. She's ready for the circus!

We did get to enjoy dinner out with the Benson's this evening... not sure enjoy is the proper word when you're entertaining 5 kids under 5, trying to eat and have some sort of adult conversation but fun none the less!


  1. Miss you all so much!!!xoxo

  2. love the pic of all the girls on stage...pure madness but so much fun. we miss you guys already!