Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 65- Special Guests

Friday 5/3/13

The girls had surprise visitors today. Auntie Trina, Alice and Juilette arrived. Mom picked them up and surprised Madison at school with her cousins. Then home to greet Em coming back from PT! Everyone was so excited! Gram packed up all the swim gear and lunch and we all headed over to the Marriott as Mom, Trina, Shan and Leigh had spa appts! Josh, Craig and I took care of the little girls while the big girls got pampered. It was suppose to be another washout with storms all day but turned out to be a perfect day. Alice, JuJu and Madison swam and went down the water slide a few hundred times, Em showed everyone how she could swim and Teagan enjoed the zero entry part of the pool. No naps, swimming and sun equaled tired kiddos so we shuttled them home for baths and bed. Trina decided she couldn't keep up with her younger sis and called it a night as well. Mom and I headed back to West Palm to have dinner and a GREAT night out with Craig, Leigh, Shan and Josh! We had apps and drinks while taking in the local scene and what a scene it was. The Sunfest music festival is going which brought out some of the best people watching you could imagine! After stopping off at one last local establishment for a few night caps, we called it a day at about 3am. Happy Anniversay Craig and Leigh- still can't believe its been 3 years!

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