Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 71- Mima and Boppa Arrived

Thursday 5/9/13

Mom had Mother's Day at Maddie's school today. Maddie made her all kinds of cute gifts but my favorite was all the her "All About My Mommy" letter which Maddie filled in the blanks which are in CAPS below:
My mommy is 100 years old.
She has GREEN eyes and BROWN hair.
I help my mommy because I CLEAN MY ROOM.
My mommy and I like to GO OUT TO LUNCH.
My mommy's favorite color is RED.
My mommy's favorite food is MEATBALLS AND SPAGETTI.
I love my mommy because SHE DOES STUFF WITH ME.
Happy Mother's Day

While waiting for Mima and Boppa, we went and picked up Em's new shoe and went out for a pizza. When we came home, Hannah, Hannah, Hannah was in the pool so naturally the girls had to go say hi. I got a call to bring some towels over as the girls decided to go for a swim- in what they were wearing! We retuned home to Mima and Boppa arriving! The girls were thrilled! They also received a special face time call from their boyfriend Caleb! They have missed him Mom and I listened to Maddie and Em having a conversation in the back of the Grocery Getter the other day which Maddie was explaining to Emma that she would have to marry Cole or Massimo because Caleb was hers. It's started already. Funny thing was that Em "accidentally" stepped on Maddie's foot with her Super Brace after that ride and gave a nonchalant "sorry" and walked away.

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