Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 76- Is it really time to pack?

Tuesday- 5/14/13

Today was a rather typical day of the kids going to the pool with Mom, Grammie cleaning and doing laundry and Dad working. Mima and Boppa left for the West Coast to see Uncle Joe. Nothing new on the home front besides preparing to leave. We got some boxes and bins and rented a its time to fill them and hopefully not have to unpack them until we reach NH. I think we are all a little hesitant as we don't want to jinx anything but also that we've been welcomed into a community of great people who are now friends! As excited as everyone is to get home it's going to hard to say "c-ya later", especially for the girls and all their new little buddies.

Funny story- Maddie asked what road we were taking to get home, which I thought was a little strange but figured she was leading me down some path. I told her 95 babe and she said and that goes by Gracie's yellow house right as we have to have a sleep over. The kid doesn't forget a thing!!!

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  1. Pack em up, load em up and have a safe trip home. <3 <3 <3
    Auntie Pat