Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 80- Girls=Seaworld and Dad=Packing

Saturday 5/20/13

Mima and Boppa came over for breakfast and helped with getting Mom and the girls out of the house so I could start packing and cleaning.  They all departed for Seaworld somewhere between 10:30 and 11:00.  

I ran around town doing the fun stuff like returning cable boxes (2 hour ordeal), closing out accts, gathering supplies and back to the hoise around 2pm to get to work.  I packed the house up and out, loaded it into the trailer, cleaned and put it back together the way it was when we arrived by 1am and was able to stop by Kim's and give her everything and anything we had laying around. Bless your heart!  Hooked up the trailer to Grampa Sid's truck and away I drove.  

The wife did call at 6:30 pm with an update on the day at the whale park (it wasn't too crowded, it was hot, Mima and Boppa are as wiped out as the kiddo's and everyone had a blast).  She proceeded to call every hour or two asking me for an update or to tell me how much she loved me up until 3am when I pulled into Grammie's. I was out like a light just after the cuckoo clock struck 4am.


  1. WOW!..that tv room had a huge face lift, nice work !

  2. Wow, my darling nephew, come on over to Auntie's house, it could use some sprucing up! Great job. Be safe. Love, Auntie Pat